Raise Awareness

Our goal is to reach a tipping point in Napa County where the concepts of the impact of ACEs and ways to heal and build resilience are common place. You can help with that in many ways:

  • Host a screening of the movies Resilience or Paper Tigers. We can set you up! This is a great way to reach a lot of people with a comprehensive, inspiring message about ACEs, resilience and hope.


  • Host a presentation that fits your audience. We have free powerpoints in our Resource Directory. You can modify many of them to customize to your message (unless otherwise specifically indicated.)
  • Develop a public awareness Day, Month or campaign that ties in with your other efforts. Use examples from our Resources for inspiration, or contact us to explore your ideas together.
  • Use common language to build understanding and momentum.

Check our Resource Directory under Raising Awareness to find presentations, fact sheets and other tools to use when you want to help people understand how to build resilience.