Adopt Practices

Become a Trauma Informed, or More-Trauma Informed Organization or System

Resilient Napa is about more than information; we are here to support you to take steps towards change. For this, you will need concrete advice, tools and stories. We will collect, curate and share resources in our Resources Directory that will provide you with ideas and tools to integrate ACEs and brain science in your work/life/community and begin to fundamentally, but without major disruption, change how you do your work/passion/life.

If you are ready to begin integrating brain science and information about ACEs into your organization, system or community, you can find many examples geared for all levels in our Resource Directory, from beginner to advanced.

Adopt Trauma Informed and Resilience Building Practices

You can adopt or modify practices to incorporate the principles of trauma informed practice. Our Directory includes a few examples of interventions, practices or programs you can investigate.