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This is the beginning of a resource database that we hope will connect you quickly to useful, frequently used, and relevant resources. Some categories and many resources are still missing, especially those for Napa County. With your input we will continue to customize it, and develop consistent terms, to meet Napa’s needs.

We’ve tried to organize resources by categories, but because of the nature of ACEs/trauma trauma/resilience work, some aren’t a perfect fit. If you have a better idea of where to file something to make it easier to find let us know.

Our approach is to link as many people as possible to the resources they need to do this work, rather than create them, or recreate them, ourselves. This helps break down silos and promote the integration of services, a principle of trauma informed practice. We will however post tools we create that you may find useful.

We need your help making sure our Directory is current and correct. If you see any errors at all, would you contact us? We especially want to make sure all resources have proper credits.  Finally, you can help us grow a better  Directory by sharing yours favorite resources. We especially want local examples. Just contact us with relevant information and we will consider adding it.

Tip: Many of these resources have multiple tools or resources within, as do the websites they are linked to, so consider exploring if you land on one.

Note: Tools used to screen, measure and assess for ACEs or trauma are filed as authors labeled them.

Caveat: We do not endorse or recommend any of the resources. You should personally verify the source, and check for the latest version of each item, as they are frequently updated.


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