What we do

Unite. Resilient Napa facilitates bringing together Napans from all communities, professions and walks of life by facilitating gatherings, conversations, and action to prevent Adverse Childhood and Community Experiences (ACEs) and to build resilience.

Transform. Utilizing the latest research in brain development, we work to move human services, business, faith, government and other areas from a blame, shame and punishment approach with people, to one based on understanding of the impact of past experiences and the capacity for healing.

Flourish. If we are able to prevent ACEs and address the root causes of our most intractable problems, our families, economies, and communities will flourish.

How we do it

  • Collect and share best practices and research to help establish effective responses
  • Share data and stories for all partners to use that help define the problem and how we are making progress
  • Host Resilient Napa Members Council and Team meetings to facilitate conversations among members about what is needed and how things are working, share resources and obtain information.
  • Collect, curate and share ACEs, trauma, and resilience resources to support individuals and professionals through our website, newsletter, presentations, and conversations with partners.
  • Host community gatherings such as the Resilient Napa Summit to bring Napans from all corners and sectors together to learn and act.
  • Encourage integration of ACEs and brain science practices in policy, and utilize to promote the alignment of funding, programs and planned outcomes.

Who’s involved

Resilient Napa is open to anyone who is interested in preventing, alleviating, addressing, and healing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and building resilience. Individuals as well as organizations are critical to the effort. we are organized

How we are organized

Lead Organization

Cope Family Center took the lead in creating a formal structure to bring brain science to Napa, organize and facilitate conversations among diverse people and organizations, and find ways to fund the work. They provide oversight, secure funding and manage staffing. Resilient Napa is a collaborative project under Cope Family Center.

Members Council

The Members Council is the community at large and includes anyone who joins Resilient Napa. Members Council meetings are held every month; check our Calendar [link] for current information. The Council is not a governance structure, but rather a forum to allow Napans who are interested in uniting and transforming the way we do business to be more compassionate and trauma informed by working together to learn, align work, and pursue common goals. Attendance varies monthly, as do the topics that are covered, which range from planning training programs, to discussing data, to sharing resources, for example.

  • Cope Family Center
  • Teens Connect
  • Mentis
  • First 5 Napa
  • Child Start Inc.
  • St. Joseph’s Health Northern California
  • NEWS
  • Mentis
  • Abode Napa Valley
  • On the Move
  • Up Valley Centers
  • Napa County Office of Education
  • Napa County Juvenile Probation, Juvenile Hall
  • Napa County Health and Human Services
    • Public Health Division
    • Child Welfare Division
    • Mental Health Services
Members organize in Teams to consider and design solutions to targeted issues and accomplish change.  Some Teams include:
Screening for ACEs
Systems Integration
Workforce Development
Steering Committee
The Steering Committee acts to provide policy and fiscal guidance, and helps make sure Resilient Napa stays on mission. Members are the original creators of Resilient Napa, and includes:
Michele Grupe
Joelle Gallagher
Laura Keller
Tracy Lamb
Stephanie Paravicini

Resilient Napa is staffed by Sarah Rock. The director’s role, guided by the needs of the Members Council and Steering Committee, is to help frame the conversation, collect and disseminate brain science, trauma, and resilience building resources, facilitate conversations, and help make sure we stay on mission.

Our story

Resilient Napa was formed in 2016 because a group of health and human services leaders decided to take action to respond to what they saw as a need in Napa: to bring brain science and an understanding of the developing brain to help create a focus on preventing root causes of persistent problems like child abuse and neglect, homelessness, addiction, and chronic disease. It was their belief that if enough people understand adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and why preventing and addressing them results in dramatically better health and economic outcomes, we can transform Napa so that it flourishes. Evidence backs this belief up.

Principles of Equity

You can’t have a resilient flourishing community without equity. We know that equity is more than publishing information in multiple languages, and our principles include working to make sure all members of the Napa county community feel they belong, and are heard, in the work. You can join the Equity Team if you’re interested in working with other members on this important issue.


Resilient Napa is supported by grants and government contracts. We are very grateful for support from:
Napa County Mental Health Services, Innovations Project
St. Joseph Queen of the Valley Medical Center
Kaiser Community Benefit
New York Life