We Are Trying to Address

In spite of many rich assets, Napa residents still experience serious and chronic problems such as homelessness, addiction, and violence. What we are doing isn’t working.


Utilizing the latest science, we can address the root causes of systemic and complex health and social problems that result in high personal, economic and community costs, so that we can prevent them, heal, and build resilience.

61 Work productivity could
increase by 61%
67 Suicide & life dissatisfaction
could decrease by 67%
26 Cardiovascular disease could
decrease by 26%
ACE Interface Master Trainer Curriculum,
ACE Interface 2012




Laura Porter's Presentation and other tools

Click here for Laura Porter’s PPT from the Resilient Napa Be the One Summit. Click here for a data tool from the WA Family Policy Council.

Napa ranks #7 in state in health

Thanks to the work of our public and private health partners, Napa ranks high in this just released report.